Thursday, November 20, 2008

eating our way out of Shanghai

It was our last day in Shanghai and Kevin promised us a great last day. My suggestion for anyone going to China is to get a private tour guide--not one of those big bus groups. The big bus groups go to factory restaurants, very low-grade (but safe) fare. If you get a private tour guide, he can take you to specialty restaurants.

But, then again, maybe it was just our tour guide that does that. Kevin got to know us quite well and we all enjoyed each other's company (Alvina and Jen even went to karaoke with him). I think he was quite amused at having the company of five girls constantly teasing him and asking him unusual questions (Jen asked him who his favorite panda was. He was very confused.).

So by now, Kevin knew we really liked to eat. I mean, we really liked to eat. For our last day, he took us to one of the best restaurants in Shanghai and ordered all the local delicacies (including the much recommended marinated roasted pork- hong shao zhu ro, and these stuffed Chinese dates that I don't know the name of) that amazed our gastronomical palates. It was the best meal I had in China so far, and that is saying a lot.

At one point we asked Kevin if he had ever eaten this much before. He said, "Yes, but never with girls."
Oh well, glad to hear we are able to keep up with the big boys. Or at least the Chinese ones.

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